Here's a few of our favourite events so far for some inspiration. To talk ideas that are specifically tailored to your event, contact us here.


We were approached by a Las Vegas promoter wanting an entrance that "wow'ed" and entertainment to match. Event Flair brought along their finest showgirls to welcome guests 'to Vegas!' as they came through the doors, and guests enjoyed the silky smooth voice of Emilie to break up the evening of awards.


Spring Fling

For their Christmas party, our client was using a venue that had a product activation set up in the space they wanted to use. The current decor included colour themes of bright orange and aqua and a lot of natural greenery, and the event was in peak summer season. To make it work, they asked for four welcome staff that would match but also enhance the experience and space.  From this, our amazing makeup artist and wearable art team worked together to provide two performers in large wearable art skirts with subtle themed makeup, and then another two welcome staff in full body paint with smaller pieces of wearable art. It looked incredible, didn't overwhelm, and complemented the space perfectly!


1920s SWING

A venue with a fantastic live swing band wanted to lengthen the party before and after their band Big Ticket's performance. Event flair brought in some gorgeous dancers, dressed in a mash up of 1920s fringe (to match the band) and island green (to match the venue) to come through the crowd with champagne and perform an act that ended blending seamlessly into the bands first song, then came out again at the end to keep the crowd going after the band. The dancefloor was packed all night!


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