Ideas for a Summer NYE Event

December 02, 2019 at 5:29 PM

3, 2, 1........ Yup, New Years is coming up!


Starting the year off in style is important! Maybe you've got the 'starting the year off' part sorted, but what about the 'style'?


Whether you're going zero or hero, there are a few simple but hugely effective ways to make a New Year's party unique and epic.


And Event Flair would love to help you figure out how.


Let's get to it!

Events with a DJ or musicians

If you’ve got a DJ or musicians at your event, chances are you’ll have a dancefloor too. In this case, it’s ideal to have it PACKED, with everyone in the mood and excited for the countdown.


The best way that we've found to achieve this is themed freestyle dancers alongside the DJ/musicians, either on the stage beside the DJ/musicians, or on smaller stages around your venue. We did this at a recent event and the dance floor was packed within seconds – no jokes! I (Theresa) have been one of the dancers at an event alongside the DJ, and it's amazing being up there - you can really see the reactions of the crowd to what you're doing. Everyone was smiling because the vibe had instantly been created by the dancers, the event had been taken up another level, and the night had well and truly started. Super effective, and very easy!

So how does it work?


Option 1: You can have dancers cycle in and out, e.g: 20 minutes on, then a 15 minute break. This option allows for time for costume changes and keeps the feeling fresh.

Option 2: Non stop dancers – this would be when the first set of dancers perform for 20 minutes, and then they swap with another group of dancers for the next 20 minutes, and so forth. This means non stop performers on the stage, which works well particularly if your venue isn't heavily decorated because it almost acts like a frame for the stage – highly recommended!


Festivals or Large Scale Events
Another type of entertainment which works particularly well for festivals (due to the large space) and New Years Eve (because of wow factor) is body-painted roving performers.


What is this?


Body paint is quite literally a work of art painted onto a person. Our artist in particular does beautiful detailed designs available in a variety of colour and theme options (she usually custom designs per event), and we often pair it with wearable art to make it that much more stunning. The painted performer will rove around the space, either in the character to which they are painted, or in slow, graceful movements so people can admire the artwork. When I (Theresa) have been a body painted roving performer at an event, the reactions have always been “wow” - guests are always just blown away with body art because it's not something that you see often at all at events, and we always have guests begging to take multiple photos with us.

Simple idea for any size event

An idea which is a little bit simpler (especially for those who have got smaller invite lists), is having a makeup artist/team to paint small pieces of flair on each guest either before or during a NYE event. This would not be a full face of art, only a small artwork around the eye, cheek or forehead with a choice of theme – it could be glitter based, a painted mask for a masquerade event, summer based floral designs, silver/black/gold for a classy event…..the sky truly is the limit for themes. It looks great, isn’t overpowering and is an awesome idea for a group all going out together!

For later on
Lastly, we would definitely recommend fire performers or performers in glow in the dark costumes for a New Years event! This is so amazing to watch and such an epic thing to have at an event to kick off the year in style.

Now, the great thing about fire and glow performers is that it can't always be captured on camera – making it a very ‘in the moment experience’, which are the ones I feel we never forget – don’t you think?


If you are planning your New Year’s Eve event and need some inspiration – we’d love to help. Feel free to get in touch here and we’ll work together to create an epic evening of entertainment to finish off the old and start off the new year.



Theresa – Creative Director at Event Flair

3, 2, 1........ Yup, New Years is coming up! 

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