How to keep guests happy

July 30, 2019 at 5:26 PM

The dream.

Every person walking out of your event with a smile on their face, raving about what you've planned, and keen as a bean to see what you come up with for the next event.

But we're talking an invite list full of different ages, backgrounds, interests, and very different ideas on what equals a good time.

Suddenly, things aren't so easy.

There is a way to provide event entertainment that can cater to a variety of different guests.


This blog will provide ideas on how to cater to a mixed crowd, and to make sure your night is a great one for many people, not just a small group.


Sometimes you can do everything right. You can plan and execute an absolutely amazing event, and so many people will love it, but! There is always a chance that there will be one grumpy person, who is grumpy for reasons completely out of your control, or perhaps is just determined not to be pleased.

All I can say in response to this, is that it's good to remember that some people will never be happy, and that isn’t your fault. If a person who isn’t happy is willing to give you sensical, non-judgemental advice in a calm and caring manner - then by all means, take it on as much as you can, it's only going to help you. But sometimes, there really isn't a lot you can do and their feelings can be out of your control.

So going back to our topic, this blog is going to cover ideas on what works to entertain a varied crowd in the best way possible, and cater to as many people as you can.

Tip One – go classic

A classy theme or entertainment choice caters to a lot of audiences and it's easy to identify with, without being jarring. With this type of event it encourages your audience to dress well - and when people dress well, they usually feel pretty good too.

So what would a classic theme/classic entertainment look like? Here’s a few ideas:

  • A Gatsby themed dance performance
  • A jazz covers band playing a variety of different decades, and some jazz covers on some modern well known songs
  • A Vegas style singer


Tip Two – keep it non-intrusive

Some people are happy to have a lot of attention drawn to them, and some people really aren't. Luckily, it’s possible to tweak entertainment to suit both of these people.

For example, instead of having a magician on stage, pulling out random people from the crowd (perhaps without their consent), you could have a roving magician, going up to small groups at a time and showing them small tricks. This gives your crowd the opportunity to interact as little or as much as they want.

Another example, instead of karaoke, you can leave the singing to the experts and have a singer or band perform. There is nothing worse for an introvert to be given a microphone when they really don't want it, and those who want to sing, are going to sing regardless of what you organise!!

Tip Three – do your homework

If you have a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities on your guest list and are thinking about doing a theme based on a particular culture - fantastic, go for it. But!! Ask for help. If there is anyone from the culture you’ve chosen for your theme on the guest list, ask for their help when choosing entertainment, and also be sure to use professionals in the entertainment industry that are experienced, as they’ll have a better idea of what will and won’t go down well.

For example, Event Flair gets asked for sugar skull make up stations a lot, as it is one of the designs our artist is very talented at doing. However, we know that sugar skulls are actually reserved for Day of the Dead, so it's not appropriate for every single Mexican festival of the year. So, if we are approached for a makeup station at an event that doesn’t line up with this festival, we will suggest things like colourful flowers, Mexican flags, or chilli peppers. The same service and talent is still provided, but slightly adjusted to be appropriate to the culture.

Tip Four – go for ‘wow’ factor

Some examples of ‘wow factor entertainment’ can definitely be found in our circus department - aerial trapeze, silk performers and fire performers are all great choices that a lot of people can appreciate. They're non-intrusive, visually very stimulating, and we've always had great feedback from the events that we've provided these types of entertainment at.

To summarize, if you're wanting to keep your guests happy, go classic with your entertainment, keep it non intrusive, do your homework, and lastly, go for wow factor.

If you need a hand with any entertainment ideas, we are always here. Fill out the contact form here, and we’ll make a time to catch up!

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