Halloween party entertainment

August 22, 2020 at 1:45 PM

It's time to plan the Halloween Party!


Now this requires some serious brain power, creativity, thinking out of the box....and most of all, an idea better than last year! Where to start?!?!


We think Halloween really resonates with Event Flair's team because it gives us the chance to try out some of our craziest ideas, and we've been part of some epic Halloween parties as a result.


And you know what? We'd love to help you out with some epic ideas too. Here’s our best below!

1. Have a themed welcomer

If you’ve read our blogs before, you’ll know how strongly we at Event Flair believe in first impressions, and how they are essential for a great event. A themed ‘welcomer’ is a great way to achieve a great first impression!


Ideas that we’ve used before for Halloween themed welcomers and have worked well are:

  • A Grim Reaper hiding in the shadows
  • A trapeze artist hanging from the ceiling, pouring out themed beverages to hand out to guests
  • Actors in costume with prosthetic makeup –  this could be a fake nose, fake chin, fake horns…..you can get all types these days! An experienced makeup artist can make these look very realistic and creepy – perfect for Halloween.

2. Have a themed makeup station for guests
Our themed Halloween makeup station is one of our most popular activations. Guests can come and get a variety of small makeup features to match their outfit – this can range from a black eye, creepy clown makeup, stitches, scars, fangs, cobwebs…. the sky really is the limit. The set up for the station is really easy – all is required is a table and light and the artist brings the rest, and designs can usually be done in 5 minutes.

3. Have some roving performers
Roving performers work a treat for Halloween, especially for a large space. The best things about them – they create an atmosphere, which is so essential, but often hard to achieve, especially in the early hours of an event.


In the past, we’ve provided some epic body painted roving performers with a warrior animal theme . The performers took full advantage of the large space and high ceilings – we had some hanging from a trapeze from the ceiling, lurking behind plants, hiding in cages, the works - it was very cool.


We quite often provide costumed roving actors for Halloween events too – all our acting staff are experienced in improvisation so are great with interacting ‘ad lib’ when required.

4. Create a photo area
Remember a great night with some great photos with your crew. We recommend you assign an area especially for this with a backdrop and props, and even better - have some actors there to encourage people and give them ideas for different poses. The good thing about having a person stationed at the photobooth means it actually gets used - quite often photo booths sit there and no one knows that they're actually operating!


5. Have a main event
Have an epic dance performance. Have a ghoul do a guitar solo. Have a lizard man hang from a trapeze from the ceiling! A main event is not only a great way to break up an evening, but it creates a great point of difference and that's what makes events really memorable.


We love Halloween at Event Flair and we would be happy to come up with some ideas for your event. Feel free to get in touch here and we’ll create some crazy, amazing things!


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