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We are always trying to get to know our clients better.


At Event Flair, we always seek to understand what our clients’ needs are, and make a particular effort to make sure what we offer is what the people actually want!


In light of this, we put out a post on our Facebook page asking our followers to ask us anything -  how we make our costumes, what entertainment suits a specific event, will a circus act work for my event, how we do our hair.......the mic was open!

The response was great – we came away with some really insightful questions, and have listed our answers to them below.


We hope you enjoy reading and getting to know us a little better!


"Do you charge for your services and performances?"

Short answer - yes, we do. Long answer – we are a professional service, and the performers on our books are internationally acclaimed, and have performed, taught and won awards all over the world. Their skill definitely deserves payment, hence why we charge for our services.


As for fundraising and charity work, we have a chosen charity called NPH, a children’s charity who help vulnerable children and families across 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our support is through dance performances by me (Theresa) at their market days and fundraisers, but unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to take on any further free projects.


"What do you need to consider for an aerial circus act?"


Our aerial acts require a high ceiling, minimum 4.2 metres is best. Before we book any aerial act at a venue that we haven’t been at before, we will conduct a site visit free of charge to assess the suitability of the space. In some spaces, you can rig from the existing ceiling (which we have to get approved by our engineer for safety) or we can bring a free standing rig for flat ceilings.

If your venue has a low ceiling or we deem the space unsafe for aerial performers, we provide some great ground based circus acts too – including magicians, contortionists, stilt walkers and roving actors in circus themed costume.

"Where do you get your costumes from?"


Our costumes are put together with a variety of resources. We make the majority of our costumes, and where possible source materials from local companies. For the costumes with plenty of jewels and sparkles, I get a bit creative and use belts and flower accessories! We also will buy some costumes online, or hire from a variety of suppliers.

"Your hair is so nice, how do you keep it like that?”


Oh, well aren’t you kind….. Little secret for you - a lot of the time we actually have fake hair pieces that we use. We have a variety of wigs on hand, as well as pony tail extensions (my personal favourite), which are very real looking! As for the rest of the time, many of our performers have grown up having to do their own hair and makeup for performances, learning how to do anything from plaits, curls, ballet buns - it’s all part of our training!

"Can you help me find a venue?"


We can, but it’s not the core of our business – Event Flair specialises in event entertainment, not event management. And so the core of our business is event entertainment. We have a great blog which we refer all our clients to when we get this question – you can check it out here.

"Do you travel out of Auckland for performances?"


Yes! We perform all over New Zealand. My dream is to expand to Australia and perform again in South East Asia – so definitely welcome enquiries from these areas!


"What is your favourite type of event to perform at?"


My answer to this question often changes depending on what gigs have just recently happened (as I’m usually still on the performance high!) but I really love our free-styling dancing events. Being on stage, feeling the music, wearing amazing costumes – what’s not to love! My favourite part is seeing the reactions and enjoyment in the crowd, it’s such a joy to watch people move and enjoy themselves!


"How much do your services cost, ball park?"


So this is a really tricky question, just because a lot of our performance offerings are very event specific. We take so much into consideration when quoting - venue, style, performers required, timing, location, costuming, prep time, rehearsal spaces…..so this question isn’t one I like to answer on the spot, as it’s hard to be accurate.


In light of that, we try to turn around any quotes in 2 working days (usually sooner), so if you do have anything that you are even slightly interested in that you've seen us do but are concerned about price, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

"Do you provide "insert farfetched wild thing"?"


So we have been asked for quite a few crazy things here. One time I got asked for dressed up ostriches?!


Due to our industry experience and connections, if you ask for something that Event Flair can't specifically provide, we can (majority of the time) find you someone who does what you need, or at least steer you in the right direction. Our clients like to call us “the guy who knows a guy” because of this.

"Do you have videos of your work?"


Yes, for most of our acts, which we can provide on request. If we are putting together a brand new concept for a client, we have gotten good at supplementing what we have with internet photos and other media to best describe our ideas.


"Strangest event you've ever done."

Surprisingly, our very first one! We had a body painted lizard on a trapeze, and it. was. awesome.

"Are you a dance school?"


Something we get asked a lot! No, we are not specifically a dance school, but we do teach wedding couple and bridal party dances (a fairly new offering, so spread the word!)!


"What packages do you offer?"


We sometimes release seasonal packages suited to awards nights, weddings, corporate functions, St Patricks Day, Valentines Day etc, so definitely ask us if there was something you had coming up! Where possible, we design packages specific to events and often include discounts if you book multiple services.



We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about us, and hope that this was informative! We welcome questions anytime, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you had any others here.


- Theresa, Creative Director at Event Flair

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