Entertainment for a Milestone Birthday

January 21, 2020 at 6:26 PM

Milestone birthday to plan?


It's kinda a big deal, oh but I don't want to go all out, it's not that important, oh but it's my day, I should celebrate.....sound familiar?!?!?!


We hear you.


We love helping our clients celebrate their milestone birthdays, no matter how big or small they want to go - so if you have a 30th, 40th, 50th, 21st, 80th, or even 100th birthday coming up, or if you're just wanting to make this year's birthday extra special, we've got a few simple ideas to share to make it spectacular.


When planning entertainment, we need to look at the style of the event. Is it a seated dinner, is it a themed event, are you wanting something creative or out of the box? Or, is it a very casual, standing style event?


The good news is that entertainment can really help elevate any of these types of events – here’s how!


Seated Dinner
For a seated dinner, we recommend a performance that guests can sit and watch. A performance like this is always a highlight and often unexpected, making it even better. Not only that, it’s a great tool to break up an evening – it can give people a chance to digest their main before dessert, or a break before the cake comes out! We would highly recommend our dancers or our circus acts for this – they are a real treat, can be adjusted to fit any venue, and they're always received really, really well.

Themed event
If your birthday event is a themed event – this could be a colour theme, based on a location (i.e: Las Vegas, Mexican Fiesta) or day of the year (Halloween, Summer, Winter….), focusing on your entry way is always a great idea. The easiest and most effective way to do this? Having some themed event staff to welcome your guests.

The great thing about having people dedicated to welcoming guests at the door is that being a host is a busy job! You’ll be socialising, opening presents, eating/drinking, putting out fires (hopefully not literally) – there will be a lot for you to do! However, if there is someone on the door to welcome your guests, tell them where to go and what’s happening, as well as being absolutely dressed to the nines in theme - the first impressions are taken care of, your guests will be in a good mood for the night ahead, and the theme is set for the evening. Nice and easy, done for you.

Creative and Out of the Box
If you're wanting something a bit creative for your birthday and it's quite a casual event, a themed make-up station is always a really cool idea. This type of makeup station isn't a full face of makeup – it's simply little pieces of artwork/painted pictures by an artist around the eye, on the cheek, arm or wherever you like! The great thing about this is that it can fit to any theme i.e: a colour theme (say, black and white, or gold theme), or something like Las Vegas or James Bond, or even a Mexican fiesta or spring soiree – the sky is the limit. This option is cost effective, and works for all ages.


Casual Drinks and Nibbles

Lastly, if you are having a relaxed drinks and nibbles for your birthday either at a venue or at home, musicians are a really safe bet. An acoustic duo is a really great choice for this setting/style, as the sound creates a great vibe and is so easy to listen to. It’s also not overpowering – so you can hear a conversation over it!

If you have a birthday coming up that you'd like to make extra special, we'd love to help make it a great event for you. Feel free to get in touch here and we’ll help you put together a milestone to remember!


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